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tropes // sam and dean winchester


Sam Winchester meme;

☂ favorite scenes {5/8}: 3x07 Fresh Blood


yo what’s up with those days when u have to pee like 35 times

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ah look, the beginning of the end of our emotional stable shipper hearts


what do you mean this didn’t happen











450 notes, no one thought of mentioning who is the actor with such beautiful eyes?

Because everyone knows.

Only one man has candy apple green eyes.

the greenest green to ever green

fanfiction green

I ship them with Benedicts eyes

And i ship them with these eyes

Green and blue, like the sky touching the grass

as one descends from heaven, to touch the earth

That was beautiful.

I’m crying…





Looks like Sam and Gabriel have the same taste in jackets ;)

It’s the same jacket.

Gabe traveled into the future (cause honestly Gabe isn’t the kind of person who waits for things to happen) and saw what his life would be like i he apologized to sam and dean. He saw how wonderful it could be. He found love, he saw how he was happy how sam was happy, an then it happened.

A hunt gone wrong maybe, or a heart attack from dean’s so called ‘food’, but it didn’t matter. What mattered is that sam was so dead not even an archangel could bring him back. He tried, Gabe tried until his wings bled. But it was useless.

Gabe was useless. Heartbroken he took sam’s jacket (it smelled like him. Sam was the closest thing he had to home and the jacket reminded him of happiness) and realized he didn’t want to live through the pain. He interacted with his old self and gave him the jacket along with the instructions to stay away from them.

Then he just had to fuck it all up. He had to go to the hotel. He had to go up against lucifer. He had to go and sacrifice himself.

As he was dying the last thing he processed was sam’s smell. That beautiful moose-y musk.

At least he died happy.

How dare you mess with my feels… :’(


And for what it’s worth, Mads Mikkelsen actually may be the definitive Hannibal Lecter. He’s said that he plays the character not as a violent criminal, but as Satan incarnate. The show has taken this ball and run with it: Lecter isn’t so much a character as he is an ambulatory locus of evil spreading corruption and pain into the lives of everyone in its vicinity, a lifelike “person suit” wrapped around something unspeakable. Mikkelsen has a weird, balletic grace and buoyance that makes even his violence look elegant—in the knock-down drag-out fight that opened Season 2, I swear the man’s finishing move is a goddamned sissonne. He is a masterfully subtle actor who can convey his character’s monstrosity with a quick flicker of his eyes or a slightly-too-calm reaction. He makes a very convincing Lucifer: If there’s one thing the Devil is known to do, it’s offering people food they’ll regret eating.